Who We Are

We are a coalition of Hayward community members organizing and growing activism in the heart of the Bay.

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Hayward spends nearly half of its general fund on the police department, which is why we are:

  • Demanding budget changes that reinvest police funds back into chronically underfunded community services (ie.education, housing, social services, etc.)

  • Drafting policy initiatives that improve community safety without requiring a police or armed presence.

  • Organizing public calls to action and mobilizing our community to email elected representatives, make public comments, or show up to protests and other direct actions.

Organizing Organizers

What is power? How do people gain power? How does a community build solidarity? These are among the many questions that HayCoCoa is wrestling with as we grow activism in Hayward. Members meet every week to develop and participate in campaigns that empower and develop leaders across the Hayward community.

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OUR Partnerships

Bike East Bay is committed to improving access to biking, walking and transit, with particular attention to communities and areas that have been underserved.

Want to Partner with us?

We're always looking to support local, grassroots groups that align with our progressive vision for Hayward!